It can be tough to keep your children busy daily during the summer. Planning an outing every day is just too expensive. But you can’t leave your children cooped in your house all day. They might be driving you crazy, but here are some great ideas to cure their summer boredom.

We’ve gathered fun and cheap activities to entertain your kids all summer.

1. DIY Sidewalk Chalk 

Why waste money on expensive sidewalk chalk when you can make your own? This recipe from Learn Play Imagine is so simple that you probably have all the ingredients at home. The best part about this recipe is you can put the chalk in an easy squirt bottle, making it easier for your little ones to control their drawings. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a huge mess.

2. Frozen Treasure Hunt 

This activity is great for your young children. You can freeze their favorite toys and let them dig away at the ice until they find them. This idea from Crumb Bums is a great sensory experience for your children and will keep them busy for hours.

3. DIY Ice Cream

Remember when your teachers let you make ice cream on the last school day? Well, we sure do, and this is a great activity to keep your kids busy and cool. They’ll have fun throwing the ice cream bag around, and you can even teach them a science lesson while you’re at it! You can check out this great recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose, but there are many tutorials on creating this easy ice cream in a bag.

4.Water Balloon Piñata

Keep your kids cool this summer with a water balloon piñata. Skip the public pool and tie water balloons from a tree or swing set. Once you’ve hung enough balloons, let your kids hit them and try to pop them. Your kids will love cooling down underneath the popped balloons, and you’ll love how inexpensive this activity is!

5. Water Blob 

Another great DIY that will cool your family down is the water blob. This idea has been taking the internet by storm. This simple DIY requires you to fill a plastic sheet with water. Kids love to jump and roll around on the water blob and won’t overheat when playing outside. This activity is great for toddlers since they can keep cool outside by lying on the water blob. You can check out this particular DIY here at DIY Ready.

6. Shaving Cream Twister

Let your kids get messy this summer! With shaving cream Twister, your kids can enjoy playing this classic game while getting messy. Plus, the shaving cream makes it harder for them to win. This great idea comes from Frugal Coupon Living, and it's a great inexpensive, sometimes free, activity for your family.

7. Glow, Stick Bowling, 

Go Bowling without having to spend any money at a bowling alley. This tutorial from Mommy Mums shows us how to create our glow bowling. All you need is a couple of empty water bottles, glow sticks, and a ball. Insert the glow sticks into the empty water bottles, and create glowing pins. Set them up and let your kids roll the ball to knock them down.

Don’t stress about your children going stir-crazy this summer. These cheap activities are fun for the entire family and will help your kids beat the heat! Let us know your thoughts about your children’s favorite inexpensive summer activities.