With more than 6,000 locations nationwide, AutoZone is one of the biggest retailers of auto parts in the US. There's an AutoZone nearby, and it is your preferred shop when you need brake pads or a new car battery. Popular auto parts shop AutoZone has a Return Policy that permits customers to return items within a specific time window.

However, there may be instances where you need to recover your money due to a defective product, wrong product delivery, or other issues. Knowing how to navigate the return process to get your money back is essential in this situation. 

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on recovering your money under the AutoZone Return Policy. Whether you're a regular AutoZone customer or making your first purchase, this guide will help you understand the return process and get your money back as quickly and smoothly as possible.

AutoZone Refund At Store

Any AutoZone location will accept products for return if they are in their original packing or box and you have the original sales receipt. If necessary, the product must be dehydrated before being returned. You can expedite the process by bringing the credit card you used to an AutoZone location, where the refund will be processed immediately. The costs associated with shipping will not be refunded, except if returning a damaged product caused during the shipping process.

AutoZone Refund Through Mail 

If necessary, any liquids must get removed from the product before shipping. To process a return, it is necessary to fill out the return form on the invoice and include it with the package. If the item was defective when received, there was a shipping issue, or the item is returned from the United States. In that case, AutoZone will provide free return shipping labels. In other circumstances, you are in charge of making your arrangements for return shipping.

AutoZone Refund Online

Please adhere to these guidelines if you bought the wrong or faulty AutoZone product:

  1. Log in on the website when AutoZone provides free return shipping labels if you want to return your AutoZone product.

  2. In the top menu, select "My Account."

  3. In the left-hand column, select "Billing & Shipping."

  4. Select "Collec the "Return Policy" menu.

  5. Select "Contact AutoZone Customer Service" from the list under "How To Return A Product."

  6. Fill out the contact form with your account number, phone number, and a brief justification for the return of the item.


Deliver products to the AutoZone.com Fulfillment Center and make an online return request. After completing your online request, visit their store and request a return of the item.

AutoZone Refund Policy

  • What happens if you purchase the incorrect item?

According to the automobile's make, model, and year, many cars need specialist parts that you can't use with identical parts for another car.

  • Can you return an AutoZone item you purchased in error?

AutoZone offers an accommodating return policy. 

  • AutoZone Refund Time: When they have their receipt, customers can return or exchange an item within 90 days after purchase as long as it is still in its original packing and condition. A customer may return a product within the warranty period if it is flawed.

  • AutoZone's return policy states that they have the right to reject a refund request for an item that has been used or installed if the package has been opened.

Plus Points; 

If a product has a defect, AutoZone allows customers to return it during the warranty period.

If you receive a defective auto part or accessory from AutoZone, the company's terms and conditions permit you to return the item for a refund.

When you are new to the policies of the organizaorganization's policies, to assist you in comprehending the procedures you need to follow to return damaged goods successfully, we will outline the AutoZone return policy.

  • Within 90 days of the date of purchase, qualifying products may be returned under AutoZone's return policy. The product must be returned in its original packaging, along with the receipt and, frequently, a government-issued photo ID.

  • Call AutoZone's customer service at 800-288-6966 if you need to return something without a receipt. They will advise you of your purchase's details and provide instructions on returning the goods.

But, you should be aware of a few apparent exceptions to the return policy, which we list below.

Things You Can Not Return To Autozone

  • Gift cards are always final sales, as with most store return policies.

  • Unless something is broken, once it's installed or utilized, you own it.

  • Special orders: They don't want anything they can't easily resell.

AutoZone Return Policy Without Receipt

Following their guidelines, you can return things to AutoZone without a receipt. However, You can encounter difficulties if you need the receipt. However, if a guarantee covers the item or a salesperson can find your receipt, you may still be able to return it. Contact AutoZone customer support at a-288-6966 for assistance in retrieving a receipt. Your receipt may get found in the vast system used by customer support that is not accessible to retail personnel.

If you made a card payment, they could locate the item using the da guaranteed covers the items. Your product is covered by warranty, but you might need more luck if you paid cash. If a product has a warranty, customer care representatives and in-store staff members can check it using your phone or SKU numbers. 

You can still receive in-store credit for the returned item if you cannot locate your receipt or the product warranty. However, the product must be in its original packaging and a recent purchase, and there should be no problem using the credit to purchase other items in the store.

AutoZone Refund Debit Card 

You can return items purchased either in-store or online to any AutoZone location, and it is necessary to bring your photo identification with you. If you used an AutoZone credit or debit card for payment, be sure to have your original payment method. You can still obtain a refund by presenting your receipt if you paid with cash, PayPal, or a digital wallet app.

Autozone Core Charge

The outdated unit that changed for the new or rebuilt one is called the "Core." The bottle deposit and the core charge may be comparable. Many states charge a deposit when you buy a bottle of soda to encourage recycling; you get your deposit back when you return the empty bottle. Several car parts have a core charge and occasionally a core fee, similar to a bottle deposit.

What the Core Charge does is as follows:

  • The component in the part you're buying can get rebuilt.

  • The deposit for a core fee is charged during the purchase.

  • The core charge is repaid to you after the rebuildable component from your old part has been returned to us.

Autozone Core Charge RefuLikeve two options for getting your Autozone Core Charge refunded:

  • Bring the component, packing slip, and receipt to any Advance Auto Parts location.

  • Using the instructions on the packing sheet, send the component back to Advance Auto Parts by mail.

Put the damaged part back in the original shipment box after replacing it with a new or rebuilt one. Remove the used item's oil or gasoline. The same component purchased, the original packaging, and a completely rebuildable, undamaged state are required.

For additional information about returning items, including cores, please read our Return Policy at https://help-desk.advanceautoparts.com/s/article/What-is-the-Advance-Auto-Parts-return-policy

Is Autozone A Battery Returnable?

If you're returning a battery to AutoZone, you need to fill out the Return Form (Section B on your shipping invoice) and include it with the item in its original packaging or box. It will ensure your return is processed smoothly and you receive the appropriate refund or replacement.

Visit your neighborhood AutoZone for more information if you need to recycle batteries or oil or locate a great bargain on a new car battery. It's time to replace your outdated battery with a secure, brand-new one that offers a significant warranty and dependable performance now that you know battery recycling locations. Test, remove, and replace your old car battery immediately with neighborhood experts' assistance.