Are you searching for the perfect gift but don't know where to start? Look no further than Amazon, which offers numerous goods and practical gift card alternatives. 

Commence with Amazon presents. Amazon provides something for everyone, whether you're buying presents for your mom's birthday or your best friend's wedding. Also, Amazon's gift registry is ideal if you're unsure what to get. 

But what if you're short on time or unsure what to choose? An excellent choice is usually an Amazon gift card. With Amazon's gift card balance feature, you can easily check how much money you must spend.

Using an Amazon gift card is simple if you're extremely fortunate to get one. At the checkout, insert the code, and success! You can join Amazon Prime with your gift card as well.

If you receive a gift from Amazon that you don't love? No worries! Amazon's gift return policy is easy and hassle-free. Within 30 days, you can return items eligible for full reimbursement of your money or shipping labels.

Amazon Gift Card:

Amazon Gift cards are digital codes sold digitally or through physical cards by Amazon, with an amount on it (in a currency depending on your location). 

  • Free Amazon gift card holders can redeem the card by entering their Amazon gift card code to purchase millions of eligible stuff from Amazon’s vast library of goods and other services. Users can also use the Gift card at some of Amazon’s affiliates.

  • Amounts usually range from $20 - $2000.

  • The great thing about Amazon Gift Cards is that they have no hidden costs or expiration dates. However, they’re not refundable and can’t be returned once bought.

  • Gifting Amazon Gift Cards to friends, family, or loved ones. Instead of giving your loved ones something they might not like or don’t want, through Amazon Gift Cards, they can buy whatever they want from Amazon.

How you can buy/return and check the balance of Amazon Gift Cards through Amazon’s website:

  • Physical - Users can purchase Amazon Gift Cards in a physical format, with options for customization of the card and its container. There are many pre-made design options on Amazon’s website.

  • Electronic - Another option is the eGift cards, which, as the name suggests, are digital cards that can also be customized with various designs, including animated, and sent through email to themselves or whoever the buyer chooses (including multiple people).

  • Print at Home - Another option is ordering Amazon Gift Card digitally, and Amazon sends the card in a Print-friendly format to the recipient's email.

  • Other Gift cards - Users can also buy and customize Gift cards from brands like Starbucks, Apple, Lowe’s, etc. And redeem them at the respective brand’s store/website. These Gift cards are also available in physical and electronic formats.

  • Amazon Gift Card balance – Users can use the Gift card to top up their Amazon account wallet/balance, called Amazon Gift Card balance. Users can conveniently check their Amazon Gift Card balance by going to their Amazon account page and clicking “Gift cards.”

  • Amazon Gift Return – If you’re wondering how to return a gift without alerting the buyer, it's pretty easy. You must return it within 30 days after delivery for a full refund as an Amazon gift card. Sign in to your account and go to the returns and refunds section, after which you can click on Gift Returns and enter your order ID mentioned on the Packing slip.  Please select the item you want to return, and select how you will return it, and a Return Confirmation with instructions will be displayed.

Amazon Gift Registry:

Amazon Gifts Registry is a feature from Amazon whereby users add various items from Amazon retail to their registry. A registry can be a marriage event, a child's birthday, a Christmas party, or other occasion.

  • Users can share the registry name with their invited people who will be attending the occasion and ask them to get them one of the items on the registry.

  • Whenever someone buys an item from the registry through Amazon, that item gets marked as purchased so that multiple invited people don’t buy the same gift.

  • Unlike Amazon Gift Cards, gifts bought by invited people can be returned by the registry creator if they don’t find the gift quite right.

  • Amazon also shares with the registry creator who bought what items so the invited people can be thanked later.

  • Amazon keeps a public directory of all the registries not made private by the creator.

Baby Registry:

Amazon has a special type of registry called Baby Registry. This registry is created by people expecting a baby soon and outlines to their invited people what kind of stuff they want for their baby. Amazon provides specific incentives for the Baby Registry.

  • For starters, users get a 15% discount (up to $300) on purchases of items from the registry.

  • Second is free one-year (or 365 days) returns on eligible gift items purchased by friends and family.

  • Group Gifting - Multiple people can team up and contribute for an item with a high price or expensive value.

  • Amazon Gift Cards can be selected as an option to allow invited people to send a Gift Card as a gift for the registry.

  • Also, there’s an option to collect funds for Baby diapers (up to $550). These funds are paid by the invited people and are given to the registry creator as Amazon Gift Cards.

  • Amazon gives away a “Welcome Box” to Baby registry creators, provided they meet the following conditions;

  1. Are they Amazon Prime Members?

  2. Have they Completed 60% of their Checklist?

  3. Have received at least $10 worth of items from invited people.

  • The Welcome Box contains full, travel, and sample-size products for parents-to-be and babies, like powder, shampoo, ointment, cream, etc.

2023’s Most Interesting Ideas For Your Amazon Gift Cards: 

  • Casper Sleep Weighted Blanket: Who doesn’t love being cozy and snuggled in bed after a tiring day? Anyone and everyone can utilize this gift idea. This quilted Casper Sleep Weighted Blanket is designed to provide a calming and peaceful sleep cycle. 

  • Smirly-Cheese Board and Knife Set: This is something every household needs. This classy charcuterie set comes with a stowaway drawer and cheese knives. Not to mention, it looks incredibly extravagant.  

  • 9-Herb Window Garden: This kit comes with a whole set of supplies to create your garden at home. You can use seeds, reusable pots, and bamboo markers to grow the herbs of your choice.